2011 Lenovo G570 Review | Hitting the Ground Running

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The recently released Lenovo G570 is a wonder to behold for anyone looking for a new general-use laptop. Part of Lenovo’s Essential line of laptops, the G570 has everything you want, whether you’re in it for productivity or for entertainment. Check out some of our other Lenovo G Series Reviews. This 15-inch machine is extremely well-rounded and has an ultra-low starting price of just $699. Need more reasons to check it out? Well, here you go: it’s wonderfully designed; it boasts plenty of power; it’s customizable. Lets take a look at some of the specific features that make the Lenovo G570 so incredible. Intel’s Second-Generation “Sandy Bridge” Chipsets One of the best...

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Lenovo G470 Review | Value, Performance, and Portability

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Lenovo’s business customers have long known about the incredibly high standards held by the company. Now, thanks in large part to the well-priced and powerful Lenovo G470, the general population will see it too. Starting at just $749, the Lenovo G470 features high-end quality at mid-range prices. Learn more about the rest of the G Series with our G Series Reviews! An Array Of Processing Capabilities The base model of the Lenovo G470 comes with the second generation of Intel’s Core i5 processor (Core i5-2520M), which features more power, more efficient processing, a dramatically improved integrated graphics processor, and more advanced Turbo Boost technology. This chip...

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Lenovo G560 Portable Laptop PC – Updated Summer 2010 Review

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The Lenovo G560 is simple in design and equipment outfitting, but it’s modern and lives up to its designation as one of Lenovo’s “Essential” models. Capable of handling all of the basic tasks you would need a laptop to do, and a bit more, the Lenovo G560 is a steal at $699. <– Take A Closer Look At The Lenovo G560. Disclosure: Compensated Affiliate. With this update of the Lenovo G-series, the company has included Intel’s Core i3 and i5 processors, advanced energy-saving technology to enhance battery performance, and of course, Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience for Windows 7. The Lenovo G560 Packs A Punch The base model of the Lenovo G560 is powered by Intel’s Core...

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Lenovo G460 Full Review and Specifications

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If you’re looking for a premium entertainment and multimedia laptop, look no further than the Lenovo G460, which comes equipped with powerful processors, plenty of RAM, an advanced graphics card and a beautiful display. <– Go ahead and get your Lenovo G460 today. To top it all off, the starting price on this machine is only $799 – far lower than many of its competitors. And you know that iPad that everyone’s been talking about? Well, that machine costs the same price and has a quarter of the processing power and hard drive space. Blazing Speed with Flawless Operation The Lenovo G460 features Intel’s new Core i3 and Core i5 processors, so you can count on...

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