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Lenovo G460 Full Review and Specifications


Lenovo G460 ReviewIf you’re looking for a premium entertainment and multimedia laptop, look no further than the Lenovo G460, which comes equipped with powerful processors, plenty of RAM, an advanced graphics card and a beautiful display.

<-- Go ahead and get your Lenovo G460 today.

To top it all off, the starting price on this machine is only $799 – far lower than many of its competitors. And you know that iPad that everyone’s been talking about? Well, that machine costs the same price and has a quarter of the processing power and hard drive space.

Blazing Speed with Flawless Operation

The Lenovo G460 features Intel’s new Core i3 and Core i5 processors, so you can count on blazing speed and flawless operation of multiple programs. The machine is also equipped with up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, so you can say, “So long,” to the hourglass symbol.

When you combine the great processor with the DDR3 RAM, you get pretty close to the always-on technology that has become all the rage these days. Plus, with all this power, you should have no trouble playing the latest computer games.

Room to Store Your Life on the Lenovo G460

There’s plenty of storage space in the Lenovo G460 as well. Users can opt for a 5400-RPM hard drive in 250GB, 320GB, or 500GB; that should be more than enough to store all of your favorite movies, music, documents, and photos.

Unlike many other consumer notebooks, the Lenovo G460 features a high-end graphics card, which will provide excellent viewing of video, animations, games, and more. The display – a 14-inch WXGA LED backlit TFT screen with a native resolution of 1366x768-pixels – does its share of work, too. The images pumped through the NVIDIA graphics card come out on the screen in crisp detail and with near-flawless color.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

The controls of the Lenovo G460 are intuitive and very easy to use, much like other Lenovo machines. The TouchPad is wonderful because it allows multi-touch controls for zooming, scrolling and other navigation controls.

There are also two well-placed buttons for mouse-free selection. The full-size keyboard is well laid out and has palm rests in the perfect position to provide a comfortable typing experience.

The Lenovo G460 Connects with Ease

The Lenovo G460 comes with a couple of different connectivity options. For starters, there’s the old go-to Ethernet connection as well as the standard WiFi card – in the form of the Intel WiFi Link 1000. However, the machine can also be equipped with 3G/4G mobile broadband should you want to make sure you’re never out of touch.

Even though the Lenovo G460 is only a 14-inch machine, it still features many ports, ensuring the happiness of all your peripheral-lovers out there. There are 3 USB ports, a 5-in-1 card reader, both HDMI and VGA ports, headphone/microphone jacks, and an ExpressCard slot. There’s even an integrated DVD-R optical drive.

Strong, Sleek, and Powerful

The six-cell Lithium Ion battery in the Lenovo G460 provides about four-and-a-half hours of life on a single charge which is pretty good considering the powerful processor package that the machine features. If you are planning long trips away from outlets, you may want to purchase a spare battery to carry with you.

With a sleek design, a strong frame, and a durable case, the Lenovo G460 is more than just pleasing to the eye; it’s Lenovo strong. That means that you can feel totally comfortable taking it anywhere you need to go, whether it’s down the street or to the far ends of the Earth.

Lenovo G460 Specifications

Processor: Intel Core i3 to Intel Core i5

Operating System: Windows XP; Windows 7 Home Premium-Ultimate

Memory: 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB

Hard Drive: 250GB, 320GB, 500GB

Display: 14” WXGA

Ports: 3 USB; Gigabit Ethernet; VGA; ExpressCard/54; Headphone/Microphone Jacks; 5-in-1 Card Reader

Connectivity: Ethernet; Intel WiFi Link 1000; 3G/4G Mobile Broadband (optional)

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The Lenovo G460 - It's Essential

The starting price of $799 makes the Lenovo G460 a high-end 14-inch laptop that is likely to be favored by demanding computer users, whether they’re business users, students or just advanced consumer operators. If you're looking for a computer with a name you can trust and one that will meet your needs, the G460 should be your pick.

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75 Responses to “Lenovo G460 Full Review and Specifications”
  1. Eric says:

    Talk about a straw man, comparing this to an iPad. You might as well compare an egg to an eggplant. They are for different purposes.

    Not a reliable review. This is hardly a high-end computer the reviewer says it is. It's low-end graphics and middling i3 processor is nothing to crow about at $799.

    • Dallas Moore says:


      What do you think about the iPad? I made a statement comparing the iPad to the IdeaPad G460 with regards to storage space. Our audience has shown us that they prefer to have on-the-go capability AS WELL AS the space to store all of the photos and videos that they will be sharing. The G460 is for users looking for something a little more affordable that still has the functionality and storage of a laptop pc. The iPad doesn't bring either of those to the table.

      On another note, our Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t and Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid are for users looking for more portability than the G460 and willing to pay a little bit extra. The price however is not proportional to the amount of storage and multi-tasking they can do in comparison to the price and storage of the iPad. Lenovo users will get way more out of their computer over its lifetime than will Apple users.

  2. jsmi says:

    I'm planning to buy one, but much confused because of some complaints reported about this model…

    • Dallas Moore says:

      Lenovo has a great support team that would gladly walk you through any problems you may have. That being said, this is the G460, so I'm guessing any complaints may revolve around specific performance features. Not saying this isn't a really good computer, but it is one of Lenovo's efficiency lines. It is a more generic well-rounded computer, so if you have a specific use for it, you may want to look into the other more detailed lines, such as the Y Series for entertainment, or the new V Series for your small business needs.

  3. jsmi says:

    Thanks for the great help. My concern is mainly about the touchpad. There are lot many reviews out there online, mentioning that it's not working properly, including the two buttons. Really this one meets all of my requirements, but I'm afraid I'd have to rethink because of this problem. Also some hybernation/sleep issues and microphone issues have been reported. If you give me an explanation about this, I'd be able to make a decision.

  4. mfl says:

    Allright, i have ordered to get this one.. I had b-a-a-a-d experiences with the HP so far. Bieng a computer user for last 17 years, I had 3 Pavilion laptops in the last 3 years. The latest one I had is going to HP support in next 2 days. HP does not have the credibility and quality Compaq had ! I am going to test this out.. Lets see how the Lenovo G460 would be.. From what I have heard so far, Lenovo would not be as BAD as HP !

  5. Jack says:

    I recently bought a Lenovo G460 – 06772WU. Other than the trackpad integration of the left and right click buttons, i am perfectly happy with performance of this laptop – so far so good. I want to ask if there is a switchable graphics function in this laptop. Since it has core i5-430m processor, there is obviously an integrated intel HD graphics support. However, the only gpu adapator active all the time is nvidia geforce 310m. I was wondering if intel HD graphics could be activated? I would get a lot more battery life out of this laptop for regular use. I would like to use geforce 310m only for graphics intensive applications. Could you help me?

    • Dallas Moore says:


      Glad you like your G460! In regards to the graphics, the new iCore processor should support an auto-switch functionality, meaning the graphics would switch to the discrete graphics processor if and when it needed to. You can go ahead and have a check in your system tray for your graphics card utility to see if there is a manual on/off, however, since there should be.


  6. Jack says:

    Nope, I don't see any such function. Not in windows, not in bios settings. There is nothing in the lenovo website either. If I could activate the integrated graphics, I would get much better hours with the battery but for now, I'm stuck with the discrete Geforce 310m active all the time.

  7. sai krishna says:

    hi i got my lenovo G460 today. Basically the touch pad is a huge drawback as the left and right clicks dont function normally. And if the laptop goes into hibernation then its difficult to restore to the previous state and you have to restart the computer again. I've deliberately tested the hibernation issue in my computer and the same thing happened for three times.

    Am i supposed to contact the lenovo support team or is there a way where i can figure out a solution for this ???

    • Dallas Moore says:

      Hi Sai,

      We've gotten several comments on the quality of the touchpad and are contacting Lenovo to see if we can get a solution. If you've any problems, or come to any conclusions as to how to solve the issue, please let us know. We'll keep you updated.


  8. Hanna Krishia says:

    I bought Lenovo g460 2 months ago, and so far its great, the only thing I can complain about is the touchpad, unlike other Lenovo laptops this is the only laptop I've seen with this kind of touchpad. I am planning to upgrade my memory to 4GB next month, I would like to play GTA IV!

    • Dallas Moore says:

      Hi Hanna,

      We've gotten several comments on the quality of the touchpad and are contacting Lenovo to see if we can get a solution. If you've any problems, or come to any conclusions as to how to solve the issue, please let us know. We'll keep you updated.


  9. Dip says:

    hey guys.. I recently bought a G460..and apart from the touch pad performance..everything is brilliant..

    the battery backup(almost 4 hrs….) is brilliant as compared to other 6 cells.. sound is ok, and the design is quite good..

    but the touch pad misses sometimes..

    can any help me with this please..?

    • Dallas Moore says:

      Hi Dip,

      We've gotten several comments on the quality of the touchpad and are contacting Lenovo to see if we can get a solution. If you've any problems, or come to any conclusions as to how to solve the issue, please let us know. We'll keep you updated.


  10. Mike says:

    How bad is the touchpad performance? How many times does it miss left and right click in a day during its normal use? Is it manageable?

    • Dallas Moore says:


      I haven't experienced the same problems with the touchpad, so I'm guessing it varies, but from what I have heard, its only just a bit frustrating, but definitely manageable. I like using a mouse anyway. We're having a chat with Lenovo about it, and will let you know when we come to a conclusion as soon as possible.


  11. Andika says:

    I really interested with Lenovo G460 – 06772XU, but i really only get a little spec about this type, i don't know what kind of motherboard chipset, what brand of Harddisk (WD, Seagate, etc). can you tell me about the detail spec.

    I also read about some hybernation/sleep issues, have the problems solve?

  12. frank says:

    Does Lenovo G460 use dedicated or shared video memory? Thanks.

  13. aus says:

    andika, 4 the hibernation issue it has been solve by installing the new BIOS update at the lenovo support page. i'm planning 2 buy dis laptop soon so hav been doing some research 4 dis laptop.

    4 da touchpad prob, u cn refer 2 this page –…. i dunno if it is da same problem as it is 4 g550 but u cn juz read it 4 reference n some users fortunately manage 2 solve the touchpad issue. looks like i'm juz gonna try my luck on buying dis machine~~ :)

  14. sandeep says:

    Hi Dallas

    i got the g460 3 weeks back. n now its got a keybrod problem!! im takin it 2 d store now. Anyone heard of this issue????

  15. Carlos says:


    about touchpad problems, did you receive a Lenovo'official answer?

    Regards. Carlos

    • Dallas Moore says:


      We did finally get an answer from Lenovo. They have had their engineers check out the machine, and everything seemed to be fine with the exception of the touchpad being a little less responsive. I believe they have worked out a solution with their service centers, so if you send the laptop to the nearest service center, they should be able to help you out.

      Hope everything works out!


  16. Yugastio says:

    How can get Realtek Ethernet Controller, It should be Gigabit isn it?

  17. novo says:

    I just bought Lenovo Ideapad G460 couple days ago, I still confuse about how to treat the battery carefully. Some says that I should take the battery off when I use my computer more than 3 hours, and others says that I should insert the battery to prevent the dust. So which one is better / true?

    1. Should I insert the battery when I'm using the computer for long time ( more than 3 hours ) or I have to take off the battery and using the AC adapter ?

    2. When I am using my notebook for about more than 3 hours with the battery insert in, then the battery become low, is it okay if I directly insert the AC / adapter cable? or I should turn the computer off? I mean is it true if I charge the battery while the notebook still operating?

    3. I read on Lenovo User Guide about the modem slot, could it be used for Lenovo Ideapad G460?

    4. What does OneKey Theater button use for? Can it be used for my Lenovo Ideapad G460? How to use it?

  18. pepe says:

    Does this lenovo have a minimum of 128 MB, Direct 3D 9 or 10, or OpenGL-capable graphics video?

  19. ramesh says:

    Does any body have 3g SIm activated in G460 Laptop?

  20. Andre says:

    Yeah It's Really Great To Have it ( I Have It )

    This Notebook IS Rocketing To The Top! ;)

  21. arpet says:


    You mentioned in the review that the machine can also be equipped with 3G/4G mobile broadband, I am wondering which port or slot will the SIM be inserted?

  22. pran says:

    hi,i am planning 2 buy lenevo G460..but i am a little concerned about the touch pad..there are very bad reviews posted..have they fixed the problem or still the touch pad does not work properly.


    • Dallas Moore says:


      As far as I know, they have begun patching the newly released machines, so you should have no problems. If you do however, contact Lenovo Support directly. In my personal experiences they have been very helpful, and the sooner you contact them, the sooner any problems can be fixed.


  23. Ashish says:

    Guys. this is a great forum. Keep posting

    @ Dallas – are you representing Lenovo? you have been replying to all the posts very diligently.

    By the way i have ordered this laptop and it will be shipped to me in a week or so. Lets hope they have fixed all these issues in the new model. i will share my experience here after few days. I thought its a good deal.

    • Dallas Moore says:

      I am affiliated with Lenovo, but am not employed by them. I do my best, however, to inform everyone of Lenovo's great products and help them with any troubles. Thanks! Hope to hear back from you soon.

      Editor –

  24. deepu says:

    Hi Dallas,

    Could you please let me know, how well the sound quality and also for the entertainment purpose?

    • Dallas Moore says:

      The Lenovo G460 is great if you are looking for affordable streamlined entertainment. But for higher quality, I would definitely go with the Y560, or any of the Y Series Machines for that matter. Right now, you can get a great IdeaPad Y560 Coupon that puts the price just a little bit above the G460. For as little as $879, you can get on of the highest performing IdeaPad Laptops with an Intel Core i7 Processor and 1GB Discrete Graphics. When this coupon expires, make sure to check our IdeaPad Coupon Code page for the latest. We update it daily.

      Hope that helps!

      Editor –

  25. Sukumar says:


    I got my Ideapad G460 last week. It is working great like the performance etc.. The only comment i can give about this is same as touch pad. It's getting strucked some times.. and the left and right buttons are not working properly..

    And they also told me that hard disk would be 500GB but I got only 460 GB in both C & D folders.

    Would you please guide me any fixes are there for touchpad.



    • Dallas Moore says:

      Hi Sukumar,

      Glad to hear the performance is top notch on your new G460. At this point, all I can tell you is to contact someone directly at Lenovo Support,…. From what I have heard from my own sources at Lenovo, the G460 touchpad issue has been worked on. It may not be completely fixed, but I know they were and are working on it.

      As per the hard drive, no computer will ever show its full factory capacity if you look at the C: and/or D: Drives. This can be accounted for in the Computer's backup partition. In case something happened to your computer, you need the extra space to store your recovery files. On newer Windows 7 models, it will even show you under the C: and/or D: drives the extra space that is allocated to the Backup Partition.

      I hope this helps you out. Let me know if you get a better answer from Lenovo. Sorry I cannot provide you with more.

      Editor –

  26. Sai G. says:

    I am planning to get a laptop and unable to decide on which one to go for. I have the following basic requirements,

    core i3 or above processor, 4GB RAM, minimum 320 GB disk space, Wi-fi

    I'll be using this laptop basically for surfing, games, movies and programming activities(I'm a software developer by profession).

    Can you please advise which model of lenovo would best suit my requirements?



    • Dallas Moore says:

      Hi Sai,

      We currently have an amazing coupon on the IdeaPad Y560, that we are actually in the process of putting up on the site as we speak, so you will be the first to hear about it. You get an Intel Core i7-720QM Processor, 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD Discrete Graphics, 8GB of Memory, and a 500GB Hard Drive. Just use this Lenovo eCoupon – USPY52B902 – when you get to checkout at this link –… .

      THIS IS AN AMAZING DEAL! Trust me. If anyone asks this weekend, I will give them the exact same answer for whatever their needs may be. This computer has it all, and it is an extraordinary value especially if you have entertainment needs in mind.

  27. amelie says:


    I'm wondering about the graphics auto-switching that you mentioned earlier in the comments.

    Right now, all I'm seeing on my notebook is the Intel HD graphics, no mention of NVIDIA that I can find.

    I have the g460 with the Intel i5 M450 @ 2.4 gHz.

    I can't see a way to manually switch between the two graphics chips/cards.

    Also, is this datasheet accurate/complete? <a href="” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>

    Because I don't see my processor (M450) on there.


  28. James says:

    Just got my G460 today and am happy with the performance so far, despite the slight touchpad issue and HDD size. I am unable to use the SIM slot next to the 6-cell battery. Manual says slot in but the SIM card just drops in and needs to be carefully poured out. Pls advise.

    • Dallas Moore says:

      Hi James,

      Glad you are happy with the performance of your new Lenovo G460! We have had quite a number of good reviews on this laptop's performance. I'm not sure if I understand the problem with your SIM card, could you please explain a little bit more?

      Editor –

  29. Nitz says:


    I bought Lenovo G460 yesterday..seems really good …but little disappointed to see only 2 USB port :(

    One more thing, do i need to register somewhere to receive frequent updates from lenovo or it will directly connect to respective sites when i will connect it to internet ?

    • Dallas Moore says:

      Hi Nitz,

      Glad you are happy with your Lenovo G460! It depends on what kind of updates you are looking for. If you would like updates on the latest Lenovo News, Reviews, and Coupon Codes, then just subscribe to our feed/newsletter. You will be notified by mail of any new additions to the site, and any news regarding your Lenovo G460!

      Dallas Moore
      Editor –

  30. James says:

    Let's take the example of mobile phone /3g modem sim installation. The sim sits in snugly into a fixed slot. same when installing micro-sd into a mobile phone/reader. but installing the sim into the g460 is like dropping the small coin into a coin slot. it just drops into the hole. no sign of gripping.

  31. Nasir says:

    Can you please comment on the speaker volume output of the G460 vs G550? Also, do you know of any stores that carry the G460, where I can go test it?


    • Dallas Moore says:


      I don't really have a comment as to any differences between the G460 and G550. As far as I know, they both offer great sound performance!

      As per the G Series in stores, Office Max recently started carrying Lenovo Products, but I believe the G Series, specifically the G460, is only purchasable online.


  32. Sachin Raj T N says:

    I also purchased Lenovo G460. As everyone complained i also have the same issue with the touch pad. everything else is working fine.

    • Dallas Moore says:


      Glad to hear your G460 is working fine. From what I have heard, the performance is really good for such an affordable price. As per the touchpad issue, if the G460 is under warranty, just send it in to the nearest Lenovo Repair center. They should be able to handle the problem. Other than that, I have been notified that new models should not be having such problems. If you are experiencing this, you are unfortunately the exception. Let me know if I can offer any further help.


  33. Sriram says:


    I ordered a Lenovo G460 Laptop and am a little skeptical about my purchase after reading through all the comments. My configuration is a i5-460m processor, 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics Card, Windows 7- 64 Bit. I am a PhD. student and my question here is related to:-

    1). The performance of Laptop for Multitasking- viz running MATLAB scripts which I use for Simulating results, plotting data using excel (my database is close to 1 GB, because of all the samples and simulation results).

    2). Complaints related to the touchpad- Is the touchpad of this system similar to an mac-pro/ macbook (hard mouse key that you press down), or is it a softkey and uses the pressure points on the pad to determine the click. Additionally, how good is the response when compared to a standard laptop touchpad with a left click and right click hard keys- (like lenovo Z560)?

    3). Heating of the system. My average Laptop usage would be almost 12-16 hrs a day. Will this cause any heating related issues. I had a Dell Inspiron 1401- Core2Duo which I got in 2006. To this date except for the battery which is now worn out, I do not have any problems with the laptop. I am changing to lenovo only because of the battery issue and higher processing abilities which lenovo claims.

    4). Compared to a Z560 how would you compare G460 with a similar configuration (Z560 is a 15.6" screen which I understand).

    thanks for the help.

  34. Hakkim says:

    Hi dude…I have purchased this G460 Lenovo laptop on Oct-10..The first time when I start the system it was ok but the next time I heard some Abnormal Alarm (sound) from the laptop..I thought it may be some reason of ow battery but even I have charged the battery full i am getting the same alarm..I checked with the sales guy but he also not aware of this issue and I have returned for service under warranty..this was happened within two days of my purchase..please clear me if anybody knows about this problem.

  35. Yankee says:

    Hi, Is there any review about the G460 P6000 1.86GHZ version? because i just bought one a while ago and havent tested it yet..

  36. DoCToR D says:

    I got the G460 and I only have 1 question !

    how can I access the web cam ?

  37. Joey says:


    there are actually 3 USB ports for the g460. you could use the eSATA port as USB.


    did you know that the lenovo g460 has mobile broadband capability? theres actually a "SIM slot" under your battery (read your manual or remove your battery and look for that hole underneath it). what james is trying to say is that the SIM card of this size: ( does not fit perfectly into that hole. which is actually also my case. up until now, my SIM is stucked there, actually it just fell in there. ftr, after i inserted the SIM a red BIOS-like interface appeared telling an error (im not sure now if its really an error or something else – oh, i dont remember now). then i had to shake my laptop to take the SIM away, but it just wont slip out. my g460 is working fine tho.

    ~or is there supposed to be an adapter or something for the sim?

    *i dont have any issues with the trackpad. but when my friends would borrow my g460, they usually complain to me for the unresponsive trackpad. hmmmn… i think the trackpad issue would have to do with the users use-of-trackpad technique, eh? lol


  38. Joey says:

    theres a pcmcia/pci card for G460. what can i do with that? any ideas/ tips? :)

  39. roashan says:

    I thought of buying this product. What do you guys say ???

  40. jimmy says:

    i m in love wid dis lap

  41. Humi says:

    I just bought this laptop yesterday and they said that the initial time for charging

    the batteries is 6-8 hours… i'm just worried because I charged it in just two hours and it's already full..

    is it okay to to extend the charging time?

    how does the face recognition application works? I don't think that it is installed in my laptop

    is there any site where i can download the program?

    (So far the touchpad is doing fine..) :D

  42. thess says:

    my new lenovo G460 says that there is no audio device installed.How did it happen? what should i do?

    • Dallas Moore says:

      I hope you are enjoying your new Lenovo G460 Laptop. I have not experienced any audio issues like you have described, but if you visit the Lenovo Support site, you should be able to find an answer. Let us know how you're enjoying it!

      Dallas Moore
      Editor –

  43. Bhuwan says:

    I love using lenovo g460…..i really enjoyed..

  44. Lenovo g460 ihas an icore3 processor, I saw some model circulating in the market that has a dual core processor, did lenovo offer this in your package?

    • Dallas Moore says:

      Hi Arton,

      The Lenovo G460 currently comes standard with an Intel Core i3 Processor or an Intel Core i5 Processor. Both of these Processors are dual core. Lenovo is also getting ready to release the 2nd generation of Intel Core Processors in their Lenovo G470, as well as the rest of the G Series (G475, G570, G575, G770). Visit the link to learn more about these upcoming Laptops.

      Dallas Moore
      Editor –

  45. Moe Aung says:

    How would you guys suggest Z560 over G460?I'm deciding to get one or the other.

    • Dallas Moore says:


      Depending on whether or not you are in need of a high-def multimedia experience, or would rather have an all around affordable laptop customized for the user who wants to do a little bit of everything, I would choose the Z560 or G460 respectively. The IdeaPad Z560 is for users who need a little excitement and want to use their laptop to watch movies, play games, or listen to their favorite music. The Lenovo G460 would be more suited to someone who needs a computer to connect with friends, share photos, or just browse the internet, but might occasionally want to watch a video or two.

      If you have any more questions, please let us know! These are both two of our top selling laptops, with the IdeaPad Y Series probably being the Top Seller, for hardcore entertainment buffs, so no matter which of these you choose, you should be pleased.

      Dallas Moore
      Editor –

  46. vidura says:

    i bought the y460.
    and im playing all sort of games with no lacking performance. though this one has core i5 and an Ati 5650 with 4gegz of ram. good deal

  47. nachor3 says:

    i got mine for $600
    core i5, 500 h.d, 4gb ram, intel hd
    with the help of a coupon!!!!
    looks really cool

  48. Marquis says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting this computer to replace my Dell D830 (2.2ghz T7500, GMA x3000, 3gb RAM, 80gb HHD 7000RPM) Would it be a wise decision? and would i notice faster Video decoding times. (it would be used for photoshop, convertXtoDVD ect.. )

    • Dallas Moore says:

      Hi Marquis,

      I will always recommend Lenovo over Dell. The Lenovo G460 is also a quality laptop that has received lots of praise from both our visitors and Lenovo’s customers as well. Check out the page we link to above to have a look at the different configurations currently available and to see how they compare to the specifications on your Dell.

      Dallas Moore


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