Friday, April 18th, 2014

Lenovo Skylight Review | Lenovo Releases Ultra-Thin Smartbook


The Lenovo Skylight Smartbook may have sparked some interest over the web since its release at CES 2010, but it also has many people saying, 'What?'.

<-- Check out all the great releases - including the Lenovo Skylight - from Lenovo at CES 2010!

We're now beginning to see where the Lenovo Skylight may fit in, although we had a hard time at first, and it may just open up a new niche in Mobile Communication and Social Networking.

Lenovo Skylight Overview

Lenovo may have hit the nail on the head when they began designing the Skylight Smartbook. With its customized Skylight operating system, built on Linux, the Skylight may just bridge the gap between the SmartPhone and the Netbook, giving users a light, but nonetheless usable system. The interface is designed with the consumer in mind, as it offers immediate access to those necessary web applications such as Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail, just to name a few.

Skylight Smartbook - Lenovo Design

Along with the 'fit-for-social-networking' interface, Lenovo has designed the Smartbook to be just as aesthetically pleasing as the consumer would expect, as it comes in two bright eyecatching colors, 'Earth Red' and 'Lotus Blue'. The Skylight also weighs in at less than two pounds, making this smartbook light but sturdy.

Another amazing aspect of this new Lenovo invention is the long battery life. Built with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1Ghz ARM II processor, this amazing smartbook can last up to 10 hours! As Lenovo says, "No Power Cord? No Problem." So if you get caught up in a conversation on Facebook, or just can't stop watching those 'Fail' videos on YouTube, no worries- the Skylight will just keep going.

Lenovo Skylight - The Next Big Thing?

But what does Lenovo have in mind? Where do they think the Skylight will fit in? That's just what we wanted to know when we first got word of it. Now we think that it may just be an experiment; something to help Lenovo get their toes wet. Maybe they just want to see where this 'Smartbook' market is heading, and they're using us as their guinea pigs. Maybe its heading nowhere, or maybe its the next big thing. We're leaning toward the latter, which is why we're going to continue to bring you the latest news on Lenovo and the Lenovo Skylight.

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  1. Brian says:

    do you think it's better to get the s10-3t now or wait for the u1 to come out?

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